Tuesday, 23 February 2016


My preferred type of learning when studying is kinaesthetic. This learning style meant that I benefitted from doing practise papers on the ATT website when revising. I also used a lot of trial and error in my work to find the best way to study.

When solving any problems I used my initiative by finding out the areas I was struggling with and just focus on solving them first. I then used the green light testing on the AAT website which helped shown my the areas of study that I shown weakness. With these weakness' I either asked for help, looked up various solutions and worked with others to overcome problems.

When studying I worked with others as well as on my own. I found that other people needed help in some of the same areas I did. We helped each other solve the problems by saying what each of us knew about the subject, This helped us as we had to explain to others the task, as well as listened from another point of view. We mainly used this technique in spreadsheets as everyone had a different level of understanding of the subject. I worked on my own with control accounts by using the ATT website and the green light testing to discover my strengths and weakness'.

The blogs help me keep track of where I am up to, any progress I have made and anything I need to work on. It also helps me recap over what I have learnt and any areas that I need to revise.
I have also been using the ATT website, any practise exams, green light test, notes that the website.

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